CLUNAVT is abbreviation of Clusterization and Navigation Tool. The code works under MATLAB. Options of the code allow to clusterize, build Kohonen maps and navigate through data bases of vide films, photos or sounds. It is also possible to set a required sequence of frames and find the nearest or farest in the data base.

Details of the approach are given in "F.S. Zaitsev. Mathematical modelling of toroidal plasma evolution. - Moscow: MAX Press Publishing Co., 2005, 524 p. The Book" or "F.S. Zaitsev, A.A. Lukianitsa, A.G. Shishkin. Application of Neural Networks to Mathematical Modelling of Toroidal Plasma. Doklady Mathematics. 2003. V. 68, N 3. P. 471-473."

Figures below illustrate some CLUNAVT screens.

1) Clusterization of plasma video images (at the bottom). Shot video trace (at the top). Different colors show duration of the stage.


2) A set of sonograms such as

is clusterized by CLUNAVT allowing regime detection, navigation in the data base, constructing required sequence of stages and etc.