Pila gold deposit is located 25 km. away from Bratislava, Slovakia. Until 2007, the area was closed for prospection, in 2008 FUSION group was the first to begin to it.

Correspondingresearch has revealed the following information about deposit site:

Host rock - gold in quartz vein and alluvial

Type of ore - not sulphite

Depth of the quartz veins: 30-60 meters

Thickness of the quartz veins: 3-5 meters

Au content: 5 to 23 grams per ton

Using the information about deposit and FARG-developed technology, the laboratory has built a map showing gold distribution among deposit site. The map shows areas where the concentration of gold is more than 5 grams per ton.

At the same time, FARG has filed a request for geological exploration license and acquired it from Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic.

The license is valid until December 2013

The license can be prolonged for up to
20 years

The group owns an exclusive right for Pila gold deposit prospection. Once prospection is complete and ore reserves are approved by the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic, the license gives an exclusive right to extract gold from the deposit.

FARG is looking forward to cooperate on the project development.
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