For more than 15 years, FUSION, Advanced Research Group, has been successfully applying numerical methods to solve the diverse applications and research.

The key areas of the Company's research are:

Toroidal Plasma Modeling

Gas Discharge Plasma Modeling

Data Mining

Mineral Exploration

Aseparate laboratory is dedicated for every key research area., Laboratories actively collaborate with international research centers and associations during their work.

Some of the results from laboratories dedicated to plasma research have been successfully applied in projects such as JET, ITER and others.

Algorithms developed by the laboratory dedicated to AI development were used to create video surveillance systems by ITV. The laboratory has been efficientlycooperating with companies such as GMD (Germany), SAIT (South Korea), Hitachi CRL (Japan), UKAEA (United Kingdom).

The laboratory dedicated to prospection achieved the goal to locate gold deposits Pila, Bukovina and others.

FARG is looking forward to develop new applications for their methods. With any suggestions please Contact Us.

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