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The basic subject of research concerns processes in toroidal devices with magnetic confinement of plasma, intended for achievement of controlled thermonuclear reactions. Such devices are developed with the purpose of construction in the nearest future of safe power stations with practically inexhaustible energy source. The research covers development of the theory and applications in the following areas:

Mathematical models of physical processes.

Numerical methods for solution of multidimensional non-linear integral-differential systems of equations in partial derivatives.

Software for solution of kinetic, equilibrium evolution and plasma control problems.

Software for plasma diagnostics, including magnetic and optic diagnostics.

Numerical experiment. Comparison with real experiment.

General user-oriented software for support of large codes and maintaining of numerical experiment.

Parallel MPI-algorithms.

Application of neural networks for problems of modeling and analyses of experimental data and image processing.

The results obtained have a high scientific level and hold leading positions in the given area. Models, methods, software and their applications were presented in respected scientific journals, conferences and meetings on controlled fusion, plasma physics and modeling since 1984.

Members of the group made valuable contribution to projects of Moscow State University, UKAEA Fusion Association and Russian Research Center "Kurchatov Institute".

The research was supported by grants of the President of Russian Federation, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian Ministries and Moscow Government.

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